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When is the Best Time of Year to Replace a Flat Roof?

When is the Best Time of Year to Replace a Flat Roof? - photo

When you start looking into replacing your flat roof, there can be a lot of planning involved. That planning can include knowing when is the best time of year to replace your flat roof. On the East Coast, each season can impact the installation of a new roof in different ways.

At East Coast Flat Roofing, we are experienced and ready to get your roof done promptly. With the advantages and disadvantages of installation during each season, here are a few things you should expect.


December - February

The East Coast can be unpredictable with winter temperatures. When getting a new roof, our roofers limit the disruption to the building below, but frigid temperatures would still not be fun to experience without a completed roof. If snow is part of the equation, this also adds to the difficulty of the job. However, fewer roofing projects will be completed during the winter, meaning roofers will be more readily available.


June - August

Summer is not a bad choice for roofing replacements. The disadvantage to the installation crew is the heat and may cause the installation to take longer. However, summer is usually dry and sunny. The less rain the better when completing a roof!


March - May

Springtime and warm weather often get people moving to be outside and motivate them a bit more than the winter. Spring is a good time to install flat roofing for several reasons. The temperature is not unbearably hot yet, and the winter season could have left behind wear and tear that needs to be taken care of.


September - November

While spring is good, fall is much better! For similar reasons, fall is the best time to install a new flat roof. The heat of summer is cooling down which helps roofers work more comfortably and efficiently. Also, having a sturdy roof is important to protect against the upcoming winter months.

No matter what time of year, industrial roof installation can be done. Contact the East Coast Flat Roofing experts today for all of your roofing needs!