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The World’s Coolest Roof

The World’s Coolest Roof - photo

If you’ve been looking for the world’s coolest roof, you’ve found it! Duro-Last roofing is the leader in cool roofing solutions. East Coast Flat Roofing pairs exclusively with Duro-Last because it’s simply the best!

Duro-Last roofing has a proven track record since its creation in 1978 of original roofs STILL intact and performing exceptionally well. The quality can’t be beat when you choose Duro-Last.

Why Choose Duro-Last?

Energy Efficient: The Duro-Last roofing membrane can reflect up to 86% of sun rays and save you up to 35% on energy costs! Energy Star approves the Duro-Last Roof System and shows that only Duro-Last has a reflectivity that is that highly effective.

Durable: Duro-Last Roof Systems can withstand harsh weather conditions like extreme temperatures and winds, as well as fires, grease, chemicals, and more. Because of how the membrane is constructed and the consistently professional installation, Duro-Last is leak-proof.

Best Warranty: Commercial and industrial buildings are protected with a 15-year comprehensive full warranty or a protected warranty for 20 years. These both provide maximum protection for your roofing system against damages like puddling water and much more.

Quick & Easy Installation: Duro-Last roofing is prefabricated and measured to the exact size of a rooftop. This helps decrease labor time and cost during installation. Duro-Last Roofing, Inc. works with authorized professionals like East Coast Flat Roofing who specialize in the material and understand how to properly install the membrane for a perfect fit and leak-free protection.

Ready to stay protected with a Duro-Last flat roof? Contact our team at East Coast Flat Roofing today for more information!