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Risks of Putting Off Flat Roofing Repairs

Risks of Putting Off Flat Roofing Repairs - photo

Do you have a roofing repair project that you’ve been putting off? With a large commercial flat roof, it might be easy to push off small damages and ignore them. However, there can be great risks with putting off flat roofing repairs. These damages can quickly become much more serious.

Our Duro-Last membrane material is durable at East Coast Flat Roofing and limits the damages that could occur. It’s important to maintain the roof after installation. If not, you could be faced with some of these more serious damages.

Top 3 Risks of Putting Off Flat Roof Repairs

1. Increased Damage

The small leak or hole won’t stay small with continued wear and tear on the roof. Ensure that no damage is being overlooked, and have your roof inspected. This will verify that there are no small problems that can eventually develop.

2. Leaks

Water leaks can be the start of many different issues. For example, electrical danger, and mold. Many wires and cables flow through walls and ceilings. Even if the wires are insulated, moisture can cause mildew and corrosion. Mold is also a concern when regulating the environment in the building. It can be harmful to building materials as well as people in the building.

3. Animals & Insects

The smallest holes can be used by rodents, bugs, and birds to get into your roof and building. Animals and insects can pose sanitary concerns and make the removal of them costly and difficult. Take care of these holes before you end up taking care of pests.

These problems can be avoided altogether! When you choose East Coast Flat Roofing for a Duro-Last flat roof, a Duro-Last Quality Assurance Technical Representative will come out to the site and inspect the roofing system that we installed.

Duro-Last will physically ensure that we installed the roof to their high standards, and we will make all corrections to meet their strict inspection criteria if they find any. Duro-Last has 15 to 30-year NDL (no dollar limit) warranties for commercial applications and once the roof passes their inspection, the warranty is issued to you directly from Duro-Last.

Don’t put off those damages! Contact East Coast Flat Roofing today.