Duro-Last® Roofer

East Coast Flat Roofing

We are a flat roofing company dedicated to one material supplier, Duro-Last. We proudly work directly with Duro-Last, eliminating the middleman and ensuring that you are taken care of efficiently and effectively. In addition to engineering services and technical support, Duro-Last has the best in-class warranty available among roofing manufacturers. There’s a reason why we only install this roof: IT’S THE BEST!

Duro-Last Roofing Systems

The custom-fabricated, single-ply, PVC Duro-Last commercial roofing system is ideal for any flat or low-sloped application. Extremely durable and easily installed by East Coast Flat Roofing without disrupting building operations, the Duro-Last Roofing System is also watertight, highly reflective, and resistant to chemicals, fire and high winds, as well as being low maintenance.

Proven Performance

Since 1978, billions of square feet of Duro-Last membrane have been installed throughout North America—and through their best-in-class warranties, Quality Assurance department, prefabricated commercial roofing systems approach, and commitment to providing problem-solving products—Duro-Last and East Coast Flat Roofing work hard to stand by every square foot installed.


Duro-Last is the only roof manufacturing company to offer prefabrication of the entire roofing system in their factory-controlled environment. Through their custom-fabricated commercial roofing systems—which can include both membrane and accessories—up to 85% of the seams are completed before it arrives on the job site. A custom-fabricated Duro-Last Commercial Roofing System is long-lasting, reliable, and eliminates most of the on-site fabrication that can lead to roof leaks. It also allows us to install the roof in a timely, systematic process.

The Duro-Last Difference

  • Roof membranes are available in 40, 50 and 60 mil thickness.
  • The Duro-Last 50 mil membrane is manufactured with 28 mil of thickness on the top performance layer, far exceeding industry standards as well as those of competitor's systems with an equal or even greater mil values.
  • Duro-Last is the only product on the marketplace to offer prefabrication of the entire roofing system.
  • A complete line of custom prefabricated accessories is available for all Duro-Last membranes.
  • The single-ply membrane has a weft-insertion anti-wicking scrim with a density of 18 by 14 threads per inch—among the highest in the industry.
  • Unique in the industry, Duro-Last offers a 15-year warranty with consequential damage coverage for Duro-Last prefabricated roofing systems with no additional charge. This warranty is only available for commercial applications.
  • For single-ply roofing membrane warranty information, please view our warranty page.